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Thanksgiving Fun FREE Printables!

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I love Thanksgiving! Gratitude is really something we should be practicing all year, but sometimes we need a big reminder and Thanksgiving is that reminder! Studies have shown that gratitude can increase your happiness levels, just 5 minutes a day can increase your happiness by 10% and we need all the help we can get in this world. People who regularly practice gratitude and showing it outwardly (not bragging or whatever, but just genuinely being thankful for what you have) makes people like you more. It’s not a popularity contest, but it is nice to be around someone who is thankful for their blessings! There are so many more benefits to intentionally being thankful – if you’re interested in reading about that: click here (<–I am not affiliated with this website.)

My kids and I LOVE doing Mad Libs. I grew up doing Mad Libs. At home or in the car during our long rides down to Florida for vacation. I remember filling our Mad Lib books over and over and over and believe me they are still as hilarious as when we did them back in the 80’s. I read through a Christmas one my brother & I did back in 1990 and I was literally crying it was so funny. Mostly because it was so dumb. 😉 But we all did them, our whole family, my parents and my brothers and that’s what made it so fun. My kids LOVE Mad Libs and love to get the family together to do them. My oldest son (23) and his girlfriend like to do Mad Libs together.

What does Mad Libs have to do with Thanksgiving? That’s one of my free printables! It’s short and sweet, perfect for beginner mad-libbers (I’m now dubbing that as a real word.)

Click on the image to download the PDF. You will need Adobe Reader to view this file.

Enjoy! You can also purchase an entire book of Thanksgiving Mad Libs from the original creators on Amazon.


I have more freebies on my Teachers Pay Teachers account as well as a $2.99 activity pack for classrooms or homeschool!

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